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Meet Amy

First of all, I love books - obviously, I'm a book reviewer. But more importantly I love to share, chat, analyze, review, and dive deep into anything I read. I feel drawn to sharing with everyone what I read and there is nothing I love more than talking about a good book (with coffee or wine - of course!) As a woman in my early thirties I felt like I no longer had a place to meet and connect with other like-minded individuals.


The bar? Too late

The coffee shop? Too rushed

The gym? Too in my zone


Everyone wants a sense of connection with others - so how can women in our generation find this? Discussing books online or IRL can be a way to bond with others around the world and connect with each other, no matter what we are going through (while meeting fun and exciting people that share our passions and drive!). Books break down barriers and help us relate.


This is why Read-Well is so important. A platform to learn about books; old and new. You are probably like me, you don't have a lot of time to read (work, family, work outs, the list goes on...) so don't waste your time worrying about picking up a book you can't connect with. My knowledge of books and short reviews will give you a great indication if you'll love or hate a book. Life is too short to read bad books!

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