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After I Do

By Taylor Jenkins Reid

Rating: 3.5/5

Favourite Quote:

"The sun will rise no matter what pain we encounter. No matter how much we believe the world to be over, the sun will rise."
“Maybe it doesn’t matter if you need someone during the everyday moments of your life. Maybe what matters is that when you need someone, they are the one you need. Maybe needing someone isn’t about not being able to do it without them. Maybe needing someone is about it being easier if they are by your side.”

Thoughts: A book about a husband and wife who have hit a crossroads in their marriage and decide to take a year apart without any contact. I loved the way the story was able to weave together very seamlessly and the creative way TJR told each person’s perspective. The book will make your heart ache while reading it, but it is so beautifully written. .


The drawbacks for me was that it was a bit predictable and the ending came together a little too quickly. But for all the TJR fans out there - another great one to add to your list!

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