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Alex Six

By Vince Taplin

Thoughts: This book is wildly suspenseful and will keep you turning the pages to find out more. It stacks two parallel stories from the perspective of both main characters.

Vick - a husband, family man, small business owner trying to provide for his family

Alexa - wealthy, attractive, powerful, and utterly obsessed with Vick that she'll do anything (I mean, anything) to get Vick's attention

The turning, twisting plot line changes the point of view of the characters throughout the chapters, allowing the reader to be in both their heads as we see their individual perspectives as the story unravels.

The best ingredient for any thriller is a great plot twist at the end, and this book delivers! If you are looking for a summer read that you can read in a weekend, keep you entertained and wanting to know more, this one's for you.

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