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broken & wild

By E.R. King

Favourite Quote:

"She realized how beautiful she was in her new found happiness. For she was the magic and fire and burned brighter then ever before.

Thoughts: I am so happy I got the opportunity to spend my Sunday reading this amazing poetry book. You truly feel like you know the author more and more personally as you read through her poetry. The imagery of the forest, stars, moon, sun that was laced through her poems made it feel more like a story (even though you can read in any order).

I love how relatable every poem is. The trials of life, love, loss, heartbreak, and friendships. I found the titles to read like a great album full of the best song titles, as poetic as the poems themselves.

If you are going through a break up, need to know you aren't alone, want to close a chapter, this is a great collection of poetry to start with.

Buy book here.

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