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Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

By Gail Honeymoon

Rating: 4/5

Favourite Quote: one of the winks to Jane Austin:

"Surely it is a culinary truth universally acknowledged that fish and cheese do not go together?"

Thoughts: I loved the book from beginning to end. Others have said that it had too slow of start but I absorbed Eleanor's character and intricacies from the beginning. Her character has a brilliant distinctive voice. The quirky and deadpan tone in her voice made for a comical read as it didn't come across intentional. The novel also touches on the idea of loneliness in society stretching across all ages and genders. People don't always associate loneliness with a young woman, starting her career in the city, but it helps the reader open their eyes to this issue. This issue is largely associated with the older generation but there are many young people who lack social interaction. This loneliness is also imbedded in the book in a world of social media where, in theory, no one should ever feel isolated.

Connection to Read-Well: Learning to recognize those around you in the workforce that could use more daily connections and interactions. Asking a co-worker to grab a coffee or lunch could go a long way to making their day a little easier.

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