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Forgotten: A Memoir

By Tiffany Mensah

Favourite Quote:

Out of all the relationships I'd had, dating and friendships, I never really defined what a relationship was or identified what made relationships successful. I defined relationships by what I witnessed my parents do, what movies appealed to me, or what I saw on television, but I never put clear intention into truly defining the parameters of success, applying principles like these to the basis of what it should look like.

Thoughts: An amazing memoir portraying a young girl growing up viewing domestic violence of her parents. Showing how this impacted her faith, relationships, school, and career.

The stories portray a young woman as she learns to grow up with little support and and only knowing how to turn to anger. This also deeply impacts the way she dates and the type of suitors she chooses. As she takes control of her childhood trauma we find a woman learning to take control of her emotions and realize she has not been Forgotten.

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