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Have a Magical Day!

By Claire Reeves

Favourite Quote:

"For change to be lasting and to create your magical days, you really do need to take a mind-body-spirit approach, as everything is connected.

Thoughts: WOW! As I write this review I haven’t fully absorbed everything in the book – since really this a journey and there are SO many amazing tips and lifestyle changes that I will be incorporating for years to come. The best part of this book is you don’t need to read all at once, or even in order. Every time you need to relax and create magical days by a mind-body-spirit approach you can turn to any section of this book.

Claire takes all the great self-help books, tactics she’s used for battling her own depression, and practices used with clients as a Psychotherapist and Master NLP Mindset coach and makes them bite size, and easy to understand. I walked away instantly applying technique! It is not meant for you to do to everything in the book, we are all so different, and doing everything at once would be impossible.

A few have stuck with me in few short days:

  • She mentions many times the importance of a Gratitude Journal and I was already using one every morning, and there is no wrong way to do it, but she says never to repeat the same thing twice (ie. Family ,dog, house etc.) because it will force you to stretch to think about the little things! This stuck with me. I have to think of tiny things in my days I’m grateful for!

  • N.E.T. Time or “No Extra Time”, filling your time with positive and uplifting content. Using the time you walk your dog, cooking driving and listening to TED Talk, post cast, audio book etc.

So many of us are dealing with different days than a few short months ago. If you need to change your days to be more confident, positive and minimize your anxiety I couldn’t recommend a book more!

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