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Red, White and Royal Blue

By Casey McQuiston

Rating: 4/5

Favourite Quote:

"That kind of love is rare, even if it was a complete disaster. Sometimes you just jump and hope it's not a cliff."
"When Alex was a kid, before anyone knew his name, he dreamed of love like it was a fairy tale, as if it would come sweeping into his life on the back of a dragon one day. When he got older, he learned about love as a strange thing that could fall apart no matter how badly you wanted it, a choice you make anyway. He never imagined it’d turn out he was right both times."

Thoughts: This book will give you all of the emotions, from laugher, crying, and most importantly hope. Hope that the world has changed and will change, and romance is not dead. This is a true fairy tale novel, properly described "for the weirdos and the dreamers". Although the author intended for the novel to mimic society and be published at a time when there would be a woman as President of the United States, it shows what is still possible. My only critique is that it was almost too idealistic, and unfortunately our world is not at a place to allow for this true fairy tale to happen. Unfortunately many groups of minorities around the world can still not be with the person they truly love due to gender, race, family, religion etc. However, a must read for romance novel lovers and a true turning point in literature. Wrapped up in witty writing and unparalleled banter.

Connection to Read-Well: At the very core the novel leaves you with hope. Hope for humanity. Hope for love. Hope for a better world.

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