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Someone’s Story

By B.A. Bellec

Favourite Quote:

Can you love yourself enough to get started? Yes, you f*cking can

Thoughts: Bellec’s debut novel tackles mental health in this coming of age story of ‘someone’ (or that someone could be anyone). It is about a boy growing up and learning to deal with the past, the present and the crippling unknown of the future. Moving to a new town he learns to build relationships while dealing with his own mental health. Each new person in his life teaches him a new way to handle the pressures of his life and also how to respond to his past.

We have all been faced with the challenges of growing up and the journey into adulthood. This book provides great coping strategies that we can still use as we navigate our own mental health.

Things I loved:

  • Unique structure of dialogue

  • The structure allowed for greater depth of characters

  • Shows that everyone has their own battles

  • Inspiration and coping methods to deal with your own battles

Buy book here.

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