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The Giver of Stars

By Jojo Moyes

Rating: 5/5

Favourite Quotes:

“Somehow her love for her lost brother and her desire to escape into the world of books became melded together into something fierce and obstinate in that one broken-backed copy.”
"Maybe just to know that something this beautiful exists is all we can really ask for."

Thoughts: A book written for book lovers. I got lost in these pages, characters and story line. In one of the poorest areas in America, directly following the Depression, a story is told of women going against the grain. A group of women come together as horseback librarians in Kentucky. The women are complex and unconventional characters that you will want to invest in. This is a terrific read that immerses the reader in this period of US history and the norms, expectations and attitudes of the time, with the drama enhanced by the beautiful location with its wilderness.

It is a tribute to how books can change people’s lives. It will strengthen your believe in how important books are in the world. How fortunate we are to have libraries and book stores in enrich our lives.

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