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The Nickel Boys

By Colson Whitehead

Rating: 4.5/5

Favourite Quotes:

"You can change the law but you can’t change people and how they treat each other."
“Perhaps his life might have veered elsewhere if the US government had opened the country to colored advancement like they opened the army. But it was one thing to allow someone to kill for you and another to let him live next door.”

Thoughts: A MUST READ

When you are done reading this book you sit with pain, anger, loss, heartbreak and know that everything you read is based on a true story. You are also sitting there knowing that although the laws have changed, the mindsets and the abuse is still taking place in different ways today.

As Elwood, a young black boy growing up in the 1960s, is awakened to the civil rights movement, he is nearly stripped of all of his rights. As he starts to understand what freedom is, the less freedom he has.

The ending also has a heartbreaking twist! If you are going to read one book this year, make it this book.

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