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The Simple Wild

by K.A. Tucker

Rating: 4.5/5

Favourite Quotes:

"For the hundredth time, I wonder if I'm being the selfish one. If I should grit my teeth and bare the misery, the isolation of Alaska. After all, I made the bed I'm running from now."
"What makes this place worth giving everything else up?”

Thoughts: Full disclosure - part of my deep love for this book has a lot to do with relatability. Having lived in the same neighbourhood as Calla in Toronto and relating to those same years living downtown in my twenties, was hard not to love the main character.

The common theme throughout the book is that we all have choices. In some situations you may not think you've been given a choice, but deep down you can ultimately choose. We make choice after choice, every day, either big or small.

This book also shows us love in so many different ways. None of the ways people choose to love are wrong, just a choice. This love is shown between family, friends, and communities. Some are platonic, others are unrequited, and if you are lucky, some are once in a lifetime head over heels crazy, stupid love.

Connection to Read-Well: We have to let people live the life that they want to live. This book will make you want to pick sides, it makes you want these men to pick the woman they fell in love with to be put above everything else. But when you truly start having empathy for Jonah and Wren (from learning more about their stories), you begin to see that there was never two sides. Just people who need to live the life that makes them happy.

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