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To Call Myself Beloved

By Leisse Wilcox

Favourite Quote:

Can you love yourself enough to get started? Yes, you f*cking can

Thoughts: Growing up my mom always had to remind me that, "you can't change the event, but you have full control of how you react". I struggled with this. Reading Leisse' book I was reminded that I am in full control of how I react to any situation, and I'm in full control of my thoughts. Trust me - it is easier said than done! But the best part of this book is it doesn't just talk the talk, it forces you to walk the walk.

The book weaves through her childhood trauma, divorce and cancer with true honesty to really show how far Leisse has come using her own advice, journal prompts, mantras and steps. It then stops you from reading when you think, "great, but I can't do that" and forces you to journal, dream, imagine or create. Insert Taco Tivity here. Exercises that help you understand yourself, your motivations, where you want to be, and who should be next to you as you grow. Trust me! There is always a good time to start the work, but now more than ever, this is such a deep dive into the work to let go and really start living and healing.

I highly recommend Leisse' book (and podcast!) to everyone. I walked into an International Women' s Day event 3 years ago and she was a panelist I've followed ever since. Even on that day when I connected with her story, she hadn't been through half the work that I read in the book. Reading her journey and doing the work alongside the book will inspire you!

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