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Truth Be Told: A Journey to Fulfilling Relationships

By Alethea Taylor

Favourite Quotes:

"We face endless challenges that test our resolve and weaken us. 'Why don't you have a boyfriend? Why aren't you married? Why don't you have children?' Bombarded with this endless litany of how we're failing as women, it's no wonder we jump at relationships, regardless of quality like sharks jumping for chum."
"From now on, I will stand up and love me enough so that I'll never have to sacrifice myself to love a man more."

Thoughts: Sometimes we feel that we are alone, everyone is living like the shiny instagram photos they post and we are the only ones that haven't figured it out yet. Through candid, real stories of different women in all different types of relationships, leaving all cards on the table, Alethea dives into the core of their journeys.

Truth be told, this book pulled me in from page one. I loved how every chapter dives into a different woman and where they lost themselves in the relationship. How easy it is to convince ourselves (one small thing at a time) that it is still worth staying in the relationship (mental/physical abuse, cheating, being led on), until we find ourselves in a life we never wanted.

This book is a great starting point for this discussion as women to be truthful to ourselves. We can't control how truthful others are to us, but the cycle will change when we listen to ourselves. I know I receive(d) those questions 'innocently' from many and it is time to change narrative. This book leaves you with the question, "have you been honest to yourself?"

You can purchase a copy of the book here.

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