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Wild at Heart

by K.A. Tucker

Rating: 4.5/5

Favourite Quotes:

“I also sensed the tectonic shift somewhere deep inside – my time in Alaska had changed me in ways I couldn’t pinpoint but also couldn’t ignore. Who I was and who I am now seem like two different people.”
“I’ll have the bison burger and the pale ale on tap.” Jonah folds the lodge’s menu and hands it back to Chris. “And Calla will have a steak knife to drag across my jugular.”

Thoughts: The sequel to The Simple Wild.

I loved this book because it continues with the same themes as The Simple Wild. The sequel continues to show us that people show love in different ways, and none of them are wrong, either stems from upbringing, life obstacles, or simply the environment. This book shows love between family, friends and communities and the need for this love and community in such an isolated area as Alaska. Some are platonic, others are unrequited - and if you are lucky, some are once in a lifetime, head over heels, crazy, stupid love.

The book makes you want to go back and forth and pick “sides”. But ultimately we have to let people live the life they want to live. Tucker does an amazing job creating empathy for the characters that you begin to see there was never two sides. Just people who need to live the life that makes them happy (and wild)! .

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